L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

N Y C   N I G H T L I F E


      1977 - 1981, New York City was half my campus and college education.   I was a dedicated full time student on both campuses of Pratt Institute and dancing the night away in the city. 

     This period seemed like a time of endless parties, the air charged with excitement.  Excitement would escalate to a Rush just before entry to a great club.  After coming home from many a night or morning dancing, I’d make art in the many notebooks I’ve had to wind down.

  New York City then, was the right place at the right time.  You might go out dancing and find Klaus Nomi preforming a few tunes at Underground or Blondie (Deborah Harry) singing within arms reach at a party on the upper west side.

     The above photo booth pictures were taken in London, England where I did a semester of college.  The night life was pale compared to NYC at the time.  Much of the club scene was private and stuffy.

   Looking back, I realize many ideas or concept in my artwork then, I’ve expanded upon over the years.  Ideas like my anti-gravity works or drawing the front and back of something because the one dimension of a flat surface seemed not telling enough.