L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

N Y C - 1980    

Large Paintings On Paper

      Ted Kurahura was my painting professor at the time.  He’d come up to the studio only a few times.  When he came he usually said very little.  Once he told me to look at Matiisse but never explained why.

     In those days I did many portraits of myself and friends, I was always drawing.  I never set out to try and capture someones spirit or essence, I just set about to draw or paint them.  But it was uncanny, without trying, I always nailed them.

     Looking back on these works, they are some of the most explosive free works I have done.

In retrospect, I think I had it right to begin with.



“Ted Kurahura”

Acrylic, crayon, pencil on paper

44” x 30.5”

Lisa Dawn Gold © 1980