L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

N Y C - 1980    

Large Paintings On Paper

      In 1980‘s while still at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, I used a very large top floor studio to explore my painting skills.  I must admit, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing nor where I was going.  I only remember that myself and a fellow student Rob Hamline seemed to be the only students utilizing this incredible studio.  I remember that I was getting heavily criticized (the crap kicked out of me) for being previously classically trained and William Dekooning and abstraction seemed to be where it was at. 

     The domain or wilderness of abstract painting seemed unfathomably vast, so where did a young painter start?  These works at the time seemed a happy departure with one foot in abstraction and one in realism.  These works were painting and drawing together, a place I still remain.



Acrylic, Pastel, Crayon, Medium, Pencil, wash on paper

44” x 60”

Lisa Dawn Gold © 1980

(Weissman Family Collection)