L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

N Y C - 1 9 7 9     

Just Beginning To Paint In A Serious Way

      In 1979-1980‘s on the top floor was the senior studio at Pratt.  I believe  it was Higgins Hall where I worked and often found Rob Hamline ,a fellow student.  Here unknown to him, I used Rob as a model to explore the idea of moving thru Time and Space in the same place. This is Rob sitting in contemplation as he often did and also standing.  This was one exploration of having the same figure in multiple places within the same picture plane.  I explored this idea more easily in my photo classes.  I guess this was the early introduction to conceptual works before I knew of the notion of conceptualism.  My art hero at the time was Alberto Giacometti and  this work more than others may reflect a bit of that. 

     Does anyone know what happened to Rob, does he still make art?


“ROB -

Moving Thru Time and Space in The Same Place”

Oil On Canvas

44” x 60”

Lisa Dawn Gold © 1979