L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

N Y C   N I G H T L I F E


     In 1977 I went to college in NYC to major in art.  It may be better said that I majored in NYC nightlife and minored in art.    On average we were out dancing the night away at least three to four nights a week.

     These were interesting times with many influences.  At the same time the Punk Mudd Club scene was rocking downtown, Disco and Studio 54 were still going full strength uptown and many a club in between.  And if that’s not a polar enough scene, “Preppie” was becoming in Vogue.

     The art scene was vibrant in New York Cities Soho and the pioneering new East Village.  My first art exhibition venue was in an abandoned East Village school on Ave A.  Venturing more east in those days into alphabet city (Avenue A B C D), one took their life in their hands visiting friends at night.

     I have a drawing scrawled on my bulletin board in my typical forwards and backwards fashion - “Anything But Boring” . (Impulse Drawings)   Can we be the person we were yesterday.  Maybe not, but such remembrances can reignite some of the best parts of those days with some of the best parts of today.


PHOTOS: An impromptu night out with friends at the Mudd Club, 77 White Street NYC 1980.

ARTWORK: Many a night after dancing all night, I’d return home and make art.NYC_70s-80s_ART.html
70‘s - 80’s ARTWORKNYC_70s-80s_ART.html