L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

E A R L Y     P A I N T I N G S


“Flight Into The Storm”

Oil on Canvas

12” x 36”

Lisa Dawn Gold © 2000

   It is often said that artist have their fingers on the pulse of the times.   I believe that may be due to the open nature of the artist.  It is a sensing of things, sometimes before it even happens.  Sometimes an artist may do a work that holds a mystery even for the artist and reveals it’s meaning in time.

     This three panel painting on canvas was done in late 2000 and titled “Flight into the Storm”   At the time  it was a bit gloomy and dark for my work but let it be just the same.  It sat above my fireplace in my NYC apartment for a few months.  I returned to NY for a Yoga conference the night before Sept. 11, 2001.  With the events of the World Trade Towers happening just outside my door, I had to put the painting away in a closet.  But the recognition of the premonition or coincidence was heavily noted.