L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

   Fashion in the 80’s was fun as well a confluence of styles.  Photo booths progressed to “the Polaroid” obsession.  One of the big events of the day was what to wear dancing that night.  Most of all, fashion then was about not taking yourself too seriously.  There was Punk, Disco and Preppy all in my closet.   The glasses to the left were my prescription glasses senior year of college.  Certainly a bit of Elvis Costello influence.  Punk made “Nerd” cool.  And nothing was more fun than dressing chic with the nurdiest glasses one could possibly find.

     After graduating Art school I was faced with making a living to support myself.  What was a young art student to do in NYC?  Make Pizza at the Saint Marks Pizza on 2nd Ave?  They actually said they would hire me if I could throw the dough up in the air and spin it.  I used to go home and practice every night.  Fortunately, being a fashionable young thing in those days, I was ask to take a position at the halls of Conde Nast Publications as a fashion assistant at GQ magazine.

Prescription eye glasses 1980

8 0 ’ s     F A S H I O N

“Black Tie Optional”

Event: Susan Bennis Warren Edwards event at the Met


Black Cashmere sweater thrown over the shoulder and tied

as a bow tie.  My version of Black Tie.

“Brooks Tassel loafers with erections”

Dancing at the Mudd Club


That night I wore my paisley bath robe under a navy Brooks blazer and wired my tassel loafers so they looked excited.  Nobody really noticed or even batted an eye it was all too subtle.