L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

C O N C E P T U A L  


     How many ways can you slice a loaf of Bread?  How many ways can you hang or display a work of art?  How many works of art are in one work of Art?  This artwork as a concept within many of the artworks explores an artwork that works in potentially infinite ways. The expansion of the artwork comes from placement however it is hung or placed.  This artwork is not subject to the typical laws of gravity or confines of a work that typically hangs on a wall just above eye-level.

      When I was younger I had a very specific way that everything was to be displayed, even a very specific meaning of the work.  As my career progressed I realized that though you have these very specific intents, that you may lose control in the end when a work is no longer in your possession.  Or that people may never see what your intention was or that they will bring their own meaning to the work. It was simply a fact of how things worked.

With that understanding, I began creating works that worked any you wanted them to be.  Most of the artworks are more infinite than their seeming appearance.  Much of my work embodies the ability to expand or continue.  These works contain the same feeling of growth or possibility that many of my drawing machine held with their infinite possibility to continue to create. I like that in addition to the energy of the work, that the work is not stagnant or finite.

2 Panel watercolor shown 8 different ways.

“Kiss, Kiss, Any Way Yo, Yo, go go”

Water color, graphite  on paper

Lisa Dawn Gold © 2008

     I was recently at an art auction preview where works of mine were for sale. An interested buyer ask if they could hang two works of mine on top of each other rather than side by side as they were shown. “Sure I replied, any way you want it.

                                                         Lisa Dawn Gold


 1979 Early
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